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Bostitch A Kartonzáró 35-35mm (DSA-3522-E)

246.900 Ft (194.409 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: DSA-3522-E
Vonalkód: 5902013965527
Elérhetőség: ✘ Nincs raktáron / rendelhető

Leírás és Paraméterek

Cordless Carton Closer

Típusok és méretek:

  • Diameter: 0.8 - 2.25mm
  • Crown: 35 - 35mm
  • Length: 18 - 22mm


This battery powered top sealer drives 19mm & 22mm staples and is ideal for manufacturers; distributers & removal companies. Whether you use single or double wall cartons; you can now get all the benefits of a powered tool but without the need for pneumatic air lines.

The 2 Li-Ion batteries supplied can each drive up to 800 staples and they only need a 45 minute charge so the tool will keep working all day long.

The tool has also been designed with a host of features to make the tool quick and easy to use:

  • Fully adjustable staple clinch
  • Overmoulded grip for added comfort
  • Smooth base plate for fast; efficient use
  • Quick staple depth adjustments for 19 or 22mm lengths

To find out more; please

  • Fast 45 Min RechargeFast 45 Min Recharge
  • Easy To Use Staple Depth ControlEasy To Use Staple Depth Control
  • Quick Release Removable MagazineQuick Release Removable Magazine
  • Smooth Base PlateSmooth Base Plate
  • Quick Staple Length ChangeQuick Staple Length Change
  • Adjustable Clinch TypeAdjustable Clinch Type
  • Second Hand PositionSecond Hand Position
  • Secondary Safety HandleSecondary Safety Handle
  • Hanging PortHanging Port
  • Stick FormatStick Format
  • Li-Ion BatteryLi-Ion Battery

  • Specifikációk:

    Power typeBattery
    Weight2.81 kg
    Width114 mm
    Length343 mm
    Height203 mm
    Magazine capacity (max)108
    Input power sourceAC 230V 50Hz
    A Series Fasteners:
    Diameter (mm)0.8 (min)2.25 (max)
    Crown (mm)35 (min)35 (max)
    Length (mm)18 (min)22 (max)

    Műszaki adatok:

    Charger type9R201515
    Charging Time45 mins
    Battery Type9R201498 (1.5Ah) Li-ion 10.8V
    Shots per charge800
    NoiseLPA 1sd77.4
     LWA 1sd88.6
    Vibration / Uncertainty<2.5 / 1.25 m/s2

    {logo_title} Series Fasteners

    SKUCrown WidthLengthFinishKiszerelés
    Gép típus Kartonzáró

    Hasonló termékek

    • Típus: S5
    • Szélesség: 11.1mm
    • Hossz: 32 - 65mm
    ✘ Nincs raktáron / rendelhető
    242.900 Ft
    • Típus: F
    • Átmérő: 2.5 - 3.1mm
    • Hossz: 45 - 90mm
    ✘ Nincs raktáron / rendelhető
    255.300 Ft
    • Típus: F
    • Átmérő: 2.8 - 3.8mm
    • Hossz: 55 - 100mm
    ✘ Nincs raktáron / rendelhető
    266.000 Ft